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About us

Vortex Africa is one of the world's assessment-oriented independent trading and business promotion houses. We match businesses to on-demand ventures in various industries and supply carefully selected commodities to businesses all over the world. Together with our producers, customers, governments and communities, we help people and businesses thrive by applying our perceptions and years of experience. Our entire staff is dedicated to advancing the world in a responsible way, increasing the impact of eco-friendly environments and improving the communities where we live and work.

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Global trade is a multifaceted field. From identifying the right markets to finalizing the sale and shipment to our clients worldwide requires the right local people. We work with committed professionals to certify the right commodities at the right prices for export and delivering upon the highest level of service possible.

Our people have specific expertise and knowledge in the industries we operate. Due to our work experiences from high ranking international chambers of commerce, we have created an extensive network of long-term business partners around the globe enabling us to act fast.
Apart from the leadership, we assign committed local producers to under-gird our international supply chain. 

Analytical Background

Forecasting, preparedness, with room to adjust is key to success in global trading. Therefore we use Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Global Political Economy (GPE) concepts for our trade evaluations.

Endorsed evaluations from economic theories are the instruments for global trade affiliations and to get the best from the world we live in we use contrasting global studies to help us analyse our in-roads on any kind of trading leads we intend to pursue. This allows us to reinforce our ways of engaging and representing our clients’ interest.