About Us

Vortex Africa is one of the world’s assessment-oriented independent trading and business promotion houses. We match businesses to on-demand ventures in various industries and supply carefully selected commodities to businesses all over the world. Together with our producers, customers, governments and communities, we help people and businesses thrive by applying our perceptions and years of experience. Our entire staff is dedicated to advancing the world in a responsible way, increasing the impact of eco-friendly environments and improving the communities where we live and work.

We source seasoned candidates with trade perspectives for all our business to business prospects both locally and internationally.  Being abreast with global economic theories, statistics, marketing and networking capabilities we create value by connecting with our producers and users of our services for sustainable growing healthy markets. An authentic meaningful relationship is the impact we are purposed for our producers and clients to experience. Our core values embody a culture and a spirit of dedication and fulfillment.


Our Values

OUR mission is to secure trade links and supply some of the finest commodities to all corners of the world; profiling prosperous markets for our clients, enabling our clients make the best of their trading projections and openings.

WE ENVISION a world that is powered by transformational minds. We are committed to impacting lives through trade links. We uphold health, safety, labour, environment, and helping to build a better world for all of us.

Our Principles

Vortex Africa’s Principles adhere to the ethics of international trading. We have a policy set out for all staff members of Vortex Africa to be dedicated to high levels of relevant sector specific standards and procedures for our day to day operations. A close eye is kept on current international environmental, transparency and safety standards to help us align ourselves in implementing these standards effectively.

Our Company

Vortex Africa is home for flawless products in alignment with your values and your choice of impeccable commodities. We source carefully selected local and organic commodities from farmers we know and partners we trust supporting their communities and our course. Creating meaningful relationships with our clients, we exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.


Our offices are located in Accra, Ghana; however, we ensure complete satisfaction for all our clients’ needs around the world helping them succeed financially with no limitations from where we are.
We value “localisation”. Therefore we believe that acting local (as opposed to “thinking local”) is a must in international trade. That is why we place a dedicated local representative for each of our clients’ transactions.